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Hail to Goat Rock, Sonoma County Beach!

When things go weird, we need a reset and the only thing that will work is a trip to the edge of a vast ocean.

Goat Rock is the closest place. There is a big parking lot, two beaches, rocks, tides and other water worshipers. We take our dog, this is one of the designated dog-friendly beaches of the Sonoma Coast and of course, he is always on a leash.

At low tide, the beach is sandy and wide, plenty of room to walk and picnic and set up a beach day. At high tide the beach is narrow and the waves come close to the cliffs. Bring something warm to wear, it can be cold at the coast while hot inland.

There is no charge for the beach or parking. No dogs to the north of the big parking lot, it is where the sea lions hang out, and the two species don’t play well together.

Sea Foam

Lock your car and take valuables with you, keep honest people honest. Don’t swim here, there is an undertow and it is dangerous. Don’t let your kids play next to the big ocean alone and understand the sneaker waves take their toll every year from carelessness or underestimating the power of nature.

Bring out what you bring in, love our natural resources and share with everyone else that came to Goat Rock for the same reason you did. Things don’t seem as weird when the ocean repairs our minds.

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